An open cryptocurrency platform ready for real world adoption

unbreachable contracts
user controlled identity
payments that can be easily sent over any network
easy to develop apps that connect all of the above
built on open and scalable DAG-based technology
fully functional today
wide adoption

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ICO Platform

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Developer friendly

Risk-free conditional smart payments

P2P insurance

Prediction markets

P2P betting


Sovereign identity

P2P payments in chat


Predictable fees

IoT (Internet of Things)

Untraceable currency: Blackbytes

Users help each other

Core Features


    When two parties sign a single unit that executes both legs of the exchange, the two transactions either happen simultaneously or don't happen at all. It is no longer necessary to trust any centralized exchanges.


    For security, you can require that your funds be spendable only when several signatures are provided, e.g. from your laptop and from your phone. For shared control of funds, signatures from different people may be required.


    Once stored in the Obyte database, the data can neither be revised nor removed.


    Regulated institutions can issue assets that are compatible with KYC/AML requirements. Every transfer of such asset is to be cosigned by the issuer, and if there is anything that contradicts the regulations, the issuer won't cosign.


    When dealing with untrusted counterparties, you can lock the funds on an address that is spendable either by you or by the counterparty, depending on the events registered to the database by trusted data providers — oracles.


    After certain criteria are met, a new transaction becomes final. It cannot be revised even by a powerful attacker. No guesswork about the right number of confirmations, no 51% attacks.

Fair initial distribution

Free distribution for mass adoption.

We use various ways to distribute the two main currencies of the platform, Bytes and Blackbytes:

- Cashback for purchases at the merchant stores we partner with. In most cases, the offered cashback is 10% of the purchase amount.
- Fill out the application form or contact us if you run a store or a payment processor and want to be part of the cashback program.
- Verification rewards and referral rewards to those who verify their real name.
- Verification rewards and referral rewards to those who verify their email address.
- Verification rewards and referral rewards to those who verify their Steem account.
- Verification rewards and referral rewards to accredited investors who verify their accredited status.
- Rewards to those who pass a quiz in Telegram.
- Subsidies that offset part of the fees paid when buying Bytes with Visa or Mastercard.
- Rewards for donating one's computing resources to the World Community Grid.
- Prizes for winners and referrers of winners in the weekly draw.
- Giveaways distributed e.g. through youtube channels of our supporters. See e.g.
- Mass sending of textcoins to subscribers of our partners. See the results of the previous campaigns.

Previous distributions

In the past, we also distributed Bytes to BTC holders and existing holders of Bytes. Users used to link their BTC and Obyte addresses and were receiving new Bytes in proportion to their existing balances in BTC and Bytes. This distribution was split into several rounds.

The first distribution round took place on Dec 25, 2016 when the network launched, over 70,000 BTC was linked, and 10% of the total supply of bytes and blackbytes was distributed. In the subsequent rounds, the total distributed supply reached 64.5%:

2nd round on Feb 11, 2017: 121,763 BTC linked, 1.8% distributed;

3rd round on Mar 12, 2017: 129,139 BTC linked, 2.0% distributed;

4th round on Apr 11, 2017: 145,441 BTC linked, 2.3% distributed;

5th round on May 10, 2017: 207,672 BTC linked, 2.9% distributed;

6th round on Jun 9, 2017: 453,621 BTC linked, 6.6% distributed;

7th round on Jul 9, 2017: 949,004 BTC linked, 11.0% distributed;

8th round on Aug 7, 2017: 1,395,899 BTC linked, 16.0% distributed;

9th round on Sep 6, 2017: 1,306,573 BTC linked, 5.7% distributed;

10th round on Nov 4, 2017: 1,093,155 BTC linked, 6.1% distributed;

Completely new technology

Unbounded scalability, fast confirmations, no miners, no blocks, low fees.

Obyte data is stored and ordered using directed acyclic graph (DAG) rather than blockchain. This allows all users to secure each other's data by referencing earlier data units created by other users, and also removes scalability limits common for blockchains, such as blocksize issue.

Blockless design is simpler because there are no blocks, there are only transactions. Users just add their transactions to the end of the DAG themselves, they don't have to wait for miners to create a new block and there is no guesswork regarding whether miners will include their transaction in the block.

The consensus algorithm used to protect from double-spends is based on establishing a total order within the DAG. This is achieved by selecting a chain, called main chain, which gravitates towards units issued by commonly recognized reputable users — witnesses.
See the white paper for details.

View public transactions on the DAG explorer.

Unofficial web wallet (partial functionality): (source code).


Testnet wallet is also available if you are a developer or want to experience the features of Obyte without spending a penny.

Meet The Team

Community and Support

Our most active communities are on Discord and Reddit, so please join us there.

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Introduction to Obyte

The 4 articles below are an excellent introduction to Obyte (formerly Byteball). The articles use graphics, video and are written in easy to understand language. We suggest starting here for most people that are new to Obyte.


You can buy or sell bytes without leaving the wallet by chatting with a trading bot. You can also trade on the exchanges listed below.

To buy or sell blackbytes, use or exchange peer-to-peer using bound (conditional) payments with other users from our Discord community.

Buy Bytes with credit card or bank transfer

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